Thursday, May 21, 2009

NurseDiva, the nursing scientist....Lol!!!

Everything is happening so fast. BSN, then MSN, apply to take boards and doctoral intensive courses. My head is spinning! But I will break down what I am doing so that it is more easily understood. To be honest, I just learned it myself :p

The first course that I am taking as an official doctoral student is advanced research. The goal of this course is to develop your research problem, research purpose and research question that you would like to study. At the end of the class you should be finished with the first three chapters of your written proposal, which includes you literature review. The literature review is when you go to the library and look for scholarly articles that support what you want to study...basically you are looking for proof that your study has NOT already been done :)

The written proposal is like asking the project defense people and university for permission to go forward with your experimental study. If they say yes, then you go to the institutional review board, which is a panel that reviews studies to make sure that they are example of unethical would be like the Tuskegee experiment!

So I have been developing my research problem and I am stuck. I will share my ideas and if you are into this sort of thing maybe you can give me some feedback. Or if your are not, you can just tell me if you think it is cool or not! I am not afraid that my idea will get stolen because if you can make something out of this you are freakin' awesome!!

My research interests include: african americans, health disparities, education regarding std transmission, HIV/AIDS, health promotion and health protection.

Research problem #1

The research problem being investigated is the relationship between motivation and adherence to the plan of care in African American populations with chronic illness.

In English: I want to know what will motivate black people with hypertension, diabetes or HIV/AIDS follow the instructions given by the clinician. I say clinician because Nurse Practitioners are the future of primary care!

Research problem #2

The research problem being investigated is the relationship between knowledge of sexually transmitted disease transmission and high risk sexual behaviors of adult men on social networking sites.

In English: I want to know if guys who frequent websites like MySpace and Tagged know how STDs are passed from one person to another and how that knowledge speaks to their sexual behavior...are they more high risk because they don't know how diseases are passed?

I have a meeting with my prof to find out whether or not either of those studies will work. I think this research thing could be FUN!

Well, I guess I should get my kids ready for school...


cluelessincali said...

How exciting! Sounds like a fun project. Both of them seem like they would be interesting. Good luck!


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Nicole said...

Hi nurse diva i just found your blog and finally read all three years worth lol. My fiance thinks i'm weird but i'm a 24 year old registered nurse whose currently finishing my bachelors. i plan on getting my DNP also. Please keep posting, its very inspiring

Nurse Diva Extraordinaire said...

Thank you for reading my blog guys! I was about 30 years old when I started my journey and I am almost 40! (Did I say that out loud?)

Nicole, you are not weird! You are making an excellent decision to move forward with your studies...I wish I had started younger :)