Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The ladies at the disco club...

Last week, a friend of the family came in from out of town. She is a little younger than me, by about 10 years. Since I have time, I was enlisted to entertain her and her friend. The focal point of their visit? To visit with our family of course, but most importantly to find a MAN! That gender ratio disparity rears its ugly head...There are 10 women for every man in the United States, so they can pick and choose and they know it!

One night, we decided to go to the club. The first place we went to was more like a bar, with men who were not really attractive but they were okay. I guess I don't get excited about men like the younger set :) And then the next bar that we went to was basically ALL women! The women seem to be my age or a little older, but they too were on a mission. The dance floor was women dancing like they were in a strip club...and the five men that were in the club stood at the edge of the dance floor enjoying the show...

Afterwards, we found a club that was open until 5 am. The door policy was crazy: no gum, no bottles, no lighters, no cigarettes...the only thing you could take into the club was a smile. Once we cleared security, there was a man with a cash box. The cover charge was $10. Too much money in my estimation of things, but the kids wanted to we went! The club had 2 levels, the lower level was empty but you could hear music booming from the rafters. We ascended the staircase to find hundreds of kids bumping and grinding to the beat of rap music.

Some girls were dressed modestly, with floor-length sundresses and sandals or jeans with a cute t-shirt. Others in bootie shorts and dresses just long enough to fall below their buttocks with 4 inch heels. The young men were dressed in the finest urban gear, standing in groups with their friends testifying to the lyrics of Lil' Wayne..."Cuz we like her, and we like her too." I was surprised, one of those young dudes asked me (the senior citizen of the group) for my phone number!

Anyway, as I sat back and observed the events of the evening I realized something, these are the people that will benefit from my study. I wondered, does that young lady who is bumping her butt up against that guys crotch know her worth? Does she realize that she is beautiful? Does she protect herself and is she aware that she is at risk? And when I saw that young man, standing at the bar sippin' on his Corona I wondered if he will respect her in the morning? Will he insist that they use a condom? Does he like to sleep with men, but is fearful of the stigma that comes with homosexuality?

NurseDiva...That's what happens when a researcher to a nightclub!

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areader said...

hope everything is going well for you and yours. don't forget about us! lol