Monday, July 20, 2009

Class is back in session

Sunday was day one of 6 days of class. Eight hours, every day!

The first class is about evaluation and the second is action research. I had a little run in last semester with evaluation. A prof gave our class a total of three hours of instruction and three assignments. The assignments came without any supplementary reading. The prof offered no office hours. She only allowed communication by email on Wednesdays. I was determined not to let this negativity stop me. I turned in my assignments and waited for the results.

I was told that I had an 88.5%...I failed one assignment because she said I turned it in late. I provided hard evidence (time-stamped email confirmation from her)that I turned the assignment in on time and then she told me that I failed not because I was late, but because I did not meet the course criteria. You can't change your mind!!! When I tried to enlist the support of the administration, I was told to simply let it go, there was only a certain amount of attainable A's per class but not to worry, in my doctoral courses there will be no limit to the number of A's that can be issued by a prof...WTF? As I recounted the story, it pissed me off all over again. I was fuming for the rest of the day. If I weren't being sponsored by the federal government to attend this school I would have quit on the spot.

To this day I have yet to see my paper to find out what I did wrong...I wonder if I did anything wrong to begin with? I learned a valuable lesson! With the Advanced Research class that I am presently taking we had three assignments, an article critique, a literature review and finally our written proposal. I turned in my article critique and the literature review. I happened to check our online grade book and noticed I was assigned a grade for the critique, a BAD grade. I had already turned in the literature review, which meant 2 bad grades. I decided to take charge of my evaluation. I sent the prof an email advising her that I needed an extension for the written proposal until I received feedback from the literature review, because the literature review was a HUGE part of the proposal...She could have failed me if I had just let her continue to evaluate me without feedback!!!

I will say that being in this class with this prof has restored my faith in the academic system, so far...I will be optimistic!


Thanks 'areader' for your friendly reminder!


areader said...

Thanks for the post. Keep your head up, you've come so so far. Stay smart sista!

Tara said...

I always wondered how people do things just because they want to...It never works for me! lol

I am just begining my nursing jouney.... and have many more senarios like this to encounter, I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

Keep on Keeping on Nurse Diva